Fine Art Wedding Albums

For people who like a classic-style, the traditional wedding album is often more exciting than a classic photobook.
I found a best solution to enhance this album:

  • Fine Art photos: photos printed on high quality cotton paper, the result is an impressive and deep look! Is the same paper that used for most important photographic exhibitions and museum exhibits. This type of printing makes your photos unique. Photos are guaranteed for more than 50 years, much more than the traditional photos.
  • Box and unique containers: 5punto6 company realize by hand and with high quality materials these traditional album. Preserve your photos in the best possible way with a quality product is important! For next 30+ years you will appreciate your photos and keep alive your memory.

All these things create the best fine art wedding album that you have ever seen!

Album Catalog

Material sheet

(Coatings: you can find embroidered tissues, soft cloth and leather on this materials sheet.)

Every piece of 5punto6 is individually handmade, with unusual and innovative materials. Slabs of steel and plexiglass, wood slats, leather, wool and French tissues, with an essential line, become original containers to collect and exhibit your photos.
Available with traditional prints or Fine-Art (high quality prints on 100% cotton paper, for a soft and deep look).

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